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Aggredior November 3, 2011

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In the past years we had a lot of discussions about paradigm changing in the way how we are modelling our environment trough new technologies. Now little bit scared when I need to do something. Of course we are living historical milestones. Hic Rhodus, hic salta.
The Latin Word Aggredior has many meanings, mainly: to go to, approach, address, attack.

Project code name Aggredior Operating System (AOS)

Project symbol     

Short description

Create an application where the system could identify the approaching of different objects in real time and can do special calculations and actions. This object can be owners of different databases

Long description

We have a niche today in resolving major problems like traffic problems, emergency and security issues.

We need to have an overview to the Brownian motion# of our word. This could save us time, money and even cold save lives.

We’d like to develop an application and hardware to have an overview and a possible benefit in our life.

We could name this application a very low level operating system with restricted number of operations running on 128 or 256 bit base. The number of bits is higher than the actual running processors because the large number of object will need the highest number for allocation. The minimalist operating system will be light, will work even on a low energy operating chip on any kind of objects. The standalone microchips running AOS will use low energy source like small solar panels or wireless power.

If the running object are small fishes we need to talk about fisherman too. This system gives you a lot of power in decision making or create profit. In the system we need to create different levels of access.

Project description

  1. identify the major fields of use
  2. develop the mathematical background
  3. create scenarios to test the mathematical background
  4. identify products
  5. write code
  1. The major fields of use
    • Advertising
    • Traffic
    • Emergency service
    • Location base service
  2. The mathematical background
    • Definition of time
    • Definition of space
    • Definition of New Boolean
      • ƒ : Bk → B, where B = {0, 1, 2} where  0 = false, 1 = true and 2 = maybe
  1. Scenarios
  2. Potential products
    1. stand alone operating system
      • operating system for computing devices
      • operating system for any kind of devices or objects (This could be vehicles, packages (even a box of pizza))
    2. integrated parts in existing operating systems
    3. software
  3. Code
Project startup

We need three things to create a successful startup: to start with good people, to make something customers actually want, and to spend as little money as possible.