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Currently I am working at Lonely Planet (Melbourne) as cartographer and I’m PhD student at the Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, Hungary, Earth Sciences Doctorate School, Cartographical Program.

My research theme is “The future of the road maps” (from the roman itineraries to the future of GPS navigation)

I work as cartographer since 1992 and I draw my first digital map in 1992 with AutoCad. With this map I had the privilege of taking part in the group of cartographers who made the first Hungarian computer aided mapping technology.


o 1994 Creating first 1:25.000 scale digital Budapest city (app. 900km2) map in AutoCAD
o 1997 Transforming our A0 size 1:500.000 scale Hungary map (converting from AutoCAD format trough Microstation back to AutoCAD) projections for Westel 900 GSM Telecommunication company
o 1998 Creating the first Hungary internet map in collaboration with ELTE University http://lazarus.elte.hu/moterkep/mb.htm
o 1999 Presenting in the Hungarian GPS market the first digital map for Garmin Fugawi software
o 2000 Hungary map conversion in 2000 for Vivendi Telecom Hungary used by them in business plans for future operations (tenders).
o 2001 Production of Pest County Atlas (187 maps + Budapest city map) for Hiszi-Map Ltd. compiling survey and topographical data in AutoCAD and converted to CorelDRAW
o 2004-2007 Hungary map scale 1:150.000  GIS/cartography, managing project in Microstation for the Freytag&Berndt Austria (app. 4800 working hours)




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