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Case studies and scenarios based on Aggredior June 1, 2012

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1. Shopping
You are stopping at a gas station. The Aggredior connected display is welcoming you personally and proposing you a discount based on you previous shopping activities (a), time (b) and location (c).
a. You are usually buying the brand XY soft drinks and sometimes you are buying more than one bottle. Last few times you have bought only one. Aggredior will propose you 20% discount for the second one.
b. You have arrived around lunchtime and Aggredior knows that you had bought one coffee in that morning. Will propose you your favourite sandwich.
c. Analysing your location Aggredior will find that you are not in your everyday route, probable you are in a trip and anticipating your destination will offer you to buy a map and a travel book.
You are entering in the station. You will pick 3 bottles of XY soft drinks and a map. You will leave the stations building without paying. At the exit one big monitor will thank you the shopping. The Aggredior will charge your bank account. Meantime you will decide that you will need only 2 bottles of XY soft drinks and bring back one to the store. Aggredior will refund you the unwanted item.
You have the feeling of the freedom at shopping.

neext scenario: 2. Traveling